Energy for Education. Energy for Our Future.

Mississippi is at the forefront of the nation's energy renaissance. Our state has tremendous energy resources, and the State Legislature has made these resources available for on – and offshore development. The Mississippi Development Authority is required by law to hold a minimum of one offshore lease sale per year for legislatively approved areas, which are primarily south of the barrier islands.

This is an important issue for Mississippi. It's about money for our children's education and for conservation. It's about developing our natural resources for our state's economic development. But it's also about responsibility and protecting our coastline, protecting our water quality, protecting our way of life and creating a more prosperous future for Mississippi.

Sizeable natural gas reserves are expected to exist in Mississippi coastal waters, but the Legislature has wisely restricted these activities to areas that are not visible from the vast majority of coastal communities to ensure that the scenic views from our mainland remain protected.

Responsibly developing our offshore natural resources in a way that does not obstruct the view from our mainland will help us meet our nation's energy needs while protecting our scenic assets and it has the potential to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for education and conservation in Mississippi. Please take a moment to get the facts about this important economic development issue.